Services we offer


Export Consolidation

We allow for consolidation of orders and enable customers to mix and match new items for test marketing in their local markets. Our wide trading networks provide the economies of scale to secure these products at lowest cost for our customers. With our prompt customer response and short delivery lead time, customers can ship their orders efficiently. This is especially crucial in handling items with short shelf life.

Sourcing for unique and specialty items

Our global trading network allows us to bring the unique flavours of the world under one roof. By staying updated on the latest product trends in the market, we are able to deliver to you the popular hot-selling items shortly after they are launched.

Marketing and brand development

Our established network with retailers enable us to launch your brand and products with speed. With our strong local knowledge, we can help in your brand strategy and launch campaigns.

Warehousing & Distribution

With temperature controlled facility, we are able to handle sensitive and perishable products. Our in-house logistics team is well trained in picking, packing and labelling for fast turnaround of shipment. With an in-house delivery team with temperature controlled trucks, we are able to ensure for smooth and safe handling of sensitiv products.


We service all major retailers in Singapore. With good logistical support and strong rapport with the outlets, we are able to provide you with a strong platform to build your brand.